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Quiz: Is your top uni choice right for you?

Uni choice

Having second thoughts about your uni preferences? We’re here to help

Congratulations on finishing Year 12! You are amazing. Now that ATARs are rolling it out, you might be wanting to shuffle around preferences, or you could be feeling unsure about what you want to do and the actual university you want to go to. It’s totally okay/normal to second guess yourself about this. It’s been a big year! But we’ve made this quiz to help you get some clarity about your OG uni choice.

Next steps

It’s always a good idea to chat to a parent, trusted adult or mentor about how you’re feeling. They might be able to give you a different perspective or much needed advice tailored to your situation.

As for us, we’ve got HEAPS of resources for you to go through if you’re still undecided about your uni choice or if you’d like to change it up. Have a read of the stories below.

Find out more over on our Going to University section.

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