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Quiz: What’s your maths + X?

Maths careers

When it comes to maths careers, you might think becoming an accountant or working in finance are your only options. But in reality, there are so many cool, unique paths to walk! Why not combine maths with what you’re actually passionate about? Our quiz can help you work out what area might be great for you to explore.

Can’t get enough of the M in STEM?

We’ve got reads for that!

Plus ALL the quizzes to get you thinking about maths careers:

So, you want a next-gen maths career?

In this webinar, discover how you can combine maths with your passion for anything – health, business, trades, security, agriculture and education – to create your dream career. Plus gain industry insights and tips from real people working in data and analytics and find out how they kickstarted their own unique pathways.

Meet maths and health expert Stacey Reinke, maths and business pro Philip Conroy and maths and environment queen Ellie Hubbard.

For more on maths, head to the Careers with STEM maths hub, or check out the hundreds of maths experts we’ve interviewed about their awesome jobs and how they got them!

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