Quiz: Should I teach myself to code?

Do you have what it takes to teach yourself to code in a new programming language? Take our quiz to find out!

Top tips for self-taught coders

#1 Decide what you want to build – you’ll be far more motivated if you have an end point in sight.

#2 Start small – pick a programming language that aligns with the type of thing you’d like to build, whether it be an app or game or something simpler.

#3 Try some online courses – there are lots of free resources available online, such as the free options on Udemy or The Odin Project.

#4 Be consistent – set yourself a goal, like ‘one hour of learning a day’, and don’t forget to reward yourself when you get to the end of a month of effort!

Read on for more tips on learning to code:

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Charis Palmer

Author: Charis Palmer

Charis is Managing Editor of Careers with STEM. She has spent her career making complex subjects fun and interesting for general audiences. She’s worked as a reporter, news editor and publisher/founder across science, energy, business/economics/markets and tech for organisations including The Conversation, iTnews, Monash University and Schwartz.


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