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Quiz: Should you change your uni preferences?

Change of preferences quiz

Answer these five questions to find out what your next move should be!

When it comes to changing uni preferences, we totally get the process can be overwhelming and a little confusing. So let’s start at the beginning and work out if you actually need to change your uni preferences. If you do, then we’ve got a bunch of excellent resources to help you out.

Changing preferences resources

If you got a ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ result, check out these handy guides for changing uni preferences.

  • A guide on changing preferences for Australian universities – if you didn’t have your head on straight while choosing your uni preferences, we’ve got good news: it’s okay to change your mind, and changing preferences at this stage could mean studying your perfect degree.
  • University preference-changing myths, busted – we attempt to bust every preference-changing myth in the book. And yep, the whole process is a lot more straightforward than you’d think… Even during a pandemic!
  • 5 quick tips for changing preferences – prefer your content in video form? This video will help you out if you’re thinking about changing your uni preferences but have no idea where to begin. Plus, it covers everything in less than 60 seconds!

Want more quizzes?

We’ve dug up five quizzes designed to help you find a degree that fits. Match a pathway with your extra-curricular interests and discover which of our e-mags is the right resource for you!

Need more help?

Chat to a parent, teacher, careers advisor or friend for a trusty second opinion. You can also take a look at the UAC website, where they walk you through the process of changing uni preferences step-by-step.

For more study pathway and STEM career quizzes, head on over to the Careers with STEM quiz hub. Here you can find out everything from if you should be a pen tester to if a STEM apprenticeship is right for you.

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