Quiz: What future job should I have?

What future job should I have?

Gazing into the future and wondering what STEM study and career pathway to take?

Looking for a job that is future proof but also combines your passion? Have you been Googling or muttering to yourself, “What future job should I have?”

Take a deep breath. We’ve got you! We’ve created this future jobs quiz to bring you instant clarity, or at least some further food for thought.

We hope our future jobs quiz helped you make a decision or at least gave you some exciting options to consider. There are stacks of other options to explore, so keep reading for even more excellent careers inspo.

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Future jobs

One of the best things about STEM is how many awesome roads you can walk down with your studies. There are so, so many stimulating and cutting-edge STEM degrees and jobs out there that you can combine with your interests.

Here are some examples of future jobs, explained by people who are actually doing them!

What future job should I have?

Other future jobs gaining lots of momentum right now involve climate and city planning. Careers in the climate space are extremely future proof, as we all gear up to fight global warming. Future cities are trending as scientists, urban developers, social scientists, town planners, engineers and environmental groups push so to improve cities so we can balance issues around society, housing, health and environment.

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