Quiz: What’s your creative maths career?

Creative careers
Guess what? Geometry is a huge part of photography!

Into maths and love to flex your artistic skills? You double threat you!

This is such a winning combo coz so many creative careers involve maths. Having a solid understanding of the M in STEM can help you out in areas like photography, animation, front end development, and design – think product, game, graphic and web.

This quiz will set you on an exciting maths + creativity path. Good luck!

Maths friends, we’ve got all the reads…

If you’re thinking creative careers in maths sounds like the perfect for you, check out the following:

For more on creative careers, head to our Be Creative hub. There are so many fun job options to discover here!

Let’s get quizzical

In the mood for more maths quizzes? No worries!

Watch it

Over on our YouTube channel, we have heaps of STEM career videos, including this one about a creative maths gig in fashion design!

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