Quiz: What’s your cyber security career?

Cyber security career

Cyber security is a super popular STEM area and is actually one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide! A career in cyber security can be exciting, challenging and future proof, and there are so many job options to choose from.

Cyber security career checklist

If you want to work in this field, you need to…

[  ] Be in-the-know on all things cyber security related. Keep up with the latest developments in threats and in safe practices too.

[  ] Study the pathways of those who have come before you. We’ve spoken to stacks of cyber security specialists who have so many pearls of wisdom to share. Here’s our cyber security profile hub where you can find their stories.

[  ] Find out exactly why this industry needs you, according to Paul Haskell-Dowland (the Associate Dean of Computing and Security at Edith Cowan University).

[  ] Know what it’s really like! We recommend spending a day in the life of an ethical hacker.

[  ] Be across all the surprising cyber security career paths.

[  ] Watch this video to find out how to kickstart your very own career in this area!

[  ] Read the Careers with STEM: Cyber Security mag. Inside, you’ll meet the people who keep your money safe from hackers. We also bust myths about real-life cyber careers and tell you how to challenge your own cyber skills while you’re still at school. It’s gots tonnes of cool stats too, like did you know that the expected growth in the Australian cyber security sector is estimated to be 300% by 2026? Wow! Think of all those amazing STEM jobs you could sink your teeth into…

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Louise Meers

Author: Louise Meers

Louise is the production editor for Careers with STEM. She has a journalism degree from the University of Technology, Sydney and has spent over a decade writing for youth. She is passionate about inspiring young people to achieve their biggest goals and build a better future.


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