Quiz: What’s your health science career?

Health science career

Health science is a super popular area of STEM and there are so many avenues to explore!

If you’re keen on a health science career but stuck on what to specialise in, our quiz will help narrow your search down by matching your skills and passions to a job you’ll love doing.

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Let’s hear from the health science professionals

Health is far more than nursing and doctors! We’ve chatted to people working in all areas of health from vaccine development to remote healthcare services.

Below are three STEM pros all with a very different health science career, just to prove how diverse this area is!

Kristopher Rallah-Baker, ophthalmologist

Kris is Australia’s first Indigenous ophthalmologist. Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the eyes.

He’s breaking new ground for Aboriginal health thanks to an inherited ‘dream the impossible’ attitude.

Read his full profile, including his STEM study and career path here.

Trina Majumdar, biomedical engineer

Trina, a postgrad student at Monash University in Melbourne, is learning how to design 3D-printed implants that fuse with bone more effectively.

“I’m looking at how to make the implant communicate better with the bone, so the bone grows around the implant and locks in place more effectively.” Read her story here.


Luke Stutter, sports psychologist

Luke studied a dual degree in exercise science and psychology at QUT because he’s “always been interested in how our mental health affects our physical health.”

Now he’s making a successful career in providing strength and conditioning training, and sports psychology for teams like the Queensland Reds and women’s national team, the Wallaroos. Follow his STEM journey here.

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Louise Meers

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