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Quiz: What’s your STEM + conservation career?

STEM and conservation

Hip hip hooray, July 28 is World Conservation Day! To celebrate, we’ve whipped up this quiz so you can find your ultimate STEM + conservation study and career path.

STEM + conservation careers

STEM and conservation careers
José Lahoz-Monfort, senior lecturer and researcher in ecological modelling at the University of Melbourne, is using several high-tech tools to keep an eye on threatened wildlife, including drones, thermal cameras and acoustic sensors.

Keen on STEM + conservation? There’s no better way to learn about what certain jobs are really like than by getting insider deets from the people working in them.

  • Ben Dessen: this STEM pro combines his zoological background with excellent communication skills as a TV presenter and conservationist.
  • José Lahoz-Monfort: he was trained as an engineer, but José’s heart was always in conservation. Now, he uses his tech skills to make it easier to spot wildlife.
  • Kate Farquharson: Kate grew up with a fascination with animals and through that passion she found her way to her current role as an animal science student and conservation data analyst.
  • Sam Clifford: Sam is using maths to save animals in amazing places – from the Great Barrier Reef to the Peruvian Amazon.
  • Daniella Teixeira: find out why this conservation biologist feels it takes more than a science degree to make an impact on wildlife conservation.

And here are some awesome reads to inspire your STEM + conservation study and career path:

Looking for more quizzes that’ll help you on your STEM journey? From environmental engineering to your dream food job, we’ve got all the letters of STEM covered. Simply head on over to the Careers with STEM quiz hub and get exploring.

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