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Quiz: What’s your STEM new year’s resolution?

We’ve got those end of year feels and are looking forward to all the possibilities a new year brings! So with that in mind, let’s find out what’s your STEM new year’s resolution. 

So, what’s your STEM new year’s resolution? Remember to share your results and let your friends know what goal they can expect you to smash in the new year.

While you’re at it, why not think of some other study or career path related resolutions or goals you’d like to achieve?

If you’re looking for some inspiration as you plan ahead, why not…

Oh, you want more quizzes? You’re in luck! We’ve got four quick quizzes any wannabe engineer should take, five STEM-themed quizzes that will help you pass the time, plus an entire quiz hub where you can find all sorts of quizzes related to science, tech, engineering and maths!

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