Quiz: What’s your tech + health career?

Tech and health careers

Combing your passion for health with a career in tech (or vice versa!) is the perfect way to land a gig you’ll love doing everyday!

There are so many great tech and health careers out there – you could work in virtual reality, medical technology, digital health, analytics, health information technology and more. Take our quiz to help you find a field that’s right for you.

Based on your results, here are some qualifications to consider

Find out more about tech and health careers

We’ve got all the reads to help you out in your future tech + health career.

  • The A-Z of health jobs: Wondering where a health science or related degree could take you? Kick off your career research with this A to Z list – which barely even scratches the surface of all the health jobs out there!
  • The A-Z of medical careers: From allied health assistants to zZzZz (a.k.a. sleep!) technicians, here’s a list of medical careers that all use STEM skills.
  • Three cool new advancements in drug delivery: The way we deliver drugs into our bodies has come a long way  thanks to advances in biology, medicine and engineering. Here are just three cool examples.
  • The (computer) science of feeling good: Have you ever considered using your computer science skills to create tech that really changes lives? This isn’t your average medtech career, computer science + wellness is all about creating accessible tech that responds to eye movements, or tracking health trends through big data.
  • Australia’s fastest growing jobs are in healthcare: Why study health? Australia’s fastest growing jobs are in healthcare. From the lucrative positions like doctors or GPs, to the helping hands of a nurse, your career options are endless (and all in high demand!).

For more on combining STEM with health, head on over to our STEM + Health page!

Louise Meers

Author: Louise Meers

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