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Kickstart your career and get work-ready by doing internships in IT while you study at QUT.

QUT student Danielle Vaz has a dream job lined up for when she finishes her double degree in business and IT. “I’m going into a business analyst role at Deloitte Digital,” she says, thrilled with the opportunity. “Getting to meet the team there and work on a client project through my internship was amazing.”

Danielle has undertaken a number of internships in IT consulting as well as social media and digital marketing. Doing internships has been incredible, she says, as she’s been able to put theory into practice. She’s also learned ‘soft skills’ such as how to network and socialise in a business situation.

“I made it my mission to try as many different things as I could, to discover what types of tech roles and activities suit me most,” Danielle says.

An internship with tech start-up Clipchamp, the world’s first in-browser compression software, gave Danielle a taste of what it’s like to work at the cutting edge of video. “All of the online video applications for shows like Shark Tank and The Voice are powered by the Clipchamp API, which I think is pretty cool.”

There are already many different types of roles to consider under the umbrella of technology. Combining tech with another area, as Danielle has, makes the opportunities virtually endless. Graduates can look at roles ranging from product management to web programming, big data analysis, information security, enterprise systems and client modelling.

“Even though computer science isn’t my major area, I’ve absolutely loved the programming subjects I’ve done. They really pushed me in ways that my other subjects haven’t. I’ve also tried to do a wide variety of electives from my IT degree,” says Danielle.

Ross Brown, senior lecturer in the Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment, QUT, says internships in IT and other industries can help students explore less obvious career paths.

“The skills gained in electronic engineering and computer sciences are quite transferable,” Ross says.

“With gaming, for example, it’s not just about creating games like the ones you see on iTunes. Graduates may go on to work on high-level industrial 3D visualisation systems for major infrastructure projects. Or others with a passion for animation might work in web, TV and media-style jobs.

“There are lots of career paths and doing an internship can help you work out where you want to be.”

– Alison Stieven-Taylor

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“I made it my mission to try as many different things as I could, to discover what activities suit me.”

“Doing an internship can help you work out where you want to be.”

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