Upskill and be in demand with a graduate certificate

Graduate certificates

Want to boost your STEM credentials? A graduate certificate is a super quick option and highly regarded by employers.

Tech is a booming industry and one that’s always changing. STEM pros in this space need to constantly keep up with new developments and upskilling is an important part of this.

A graduate certificate is a fast and fantastic option when it comes to upskilling. It’s a lower cost qualification that usually only takes between six months and two years to complete. And here’s some more good news: a graduate certificate is highly regarded by employers as it helps graduates prepare for more senior, better paying jobs sooner.

QUT has some awesome graduate certificate options that’ll boost your skills, keep your knowledge fresh and provide fast-track options to a master’s degree. Here are three useful ones for those studying or working in STEM.

1. Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Data skills are in demand, so this graduate certificate could set you up for a future-focussed career. It will teach you how to translate data into insights that can be used to drive change and make decisions, all while using the latest methodologies and industry knowledge. You’ll also get to learn from experts in the field and soak up expertise from different disciplines, like statistics, computer science and business process management.

2. Graduate Certificate in Information Technology

 According to the National Skills Commission, there’s a current shortage of IT professionals. By scrubbing up on your IT skills, you could put yourself at the forefront of the industry. With this graduate certificate, you can equip yourself with design and problem-solving skills through project-based learning so you’ll be able to come up with solid and practical IT solutions.

3. Graduate Certificate in Business Process Management (BPM)

This one is perfect for current industry professionals who want to effectively manage business processes in their organisations.

So if you’re keen to…

  •   Solve complex BPM problems that are relevant to your profession
  •   Use the latest software and tech to complete process modelling, analysis, and monitoring tasks
  •   Arm yourself with BPM and interpersonal skills that’ll help launch you into more senior positions

… then you should definitely consider this course!

Student story: Laurie Gerschwitz, Graduate Certificate in Business Process Management

Laurie Gerschwitz - Graduate Certificates
Graduate Certificate in Business Process Management student, Laurie Gerschwitz. Image: QUT

Laurie is a manager within Business Operations at Mastercard and has a background in STEM, having studied a double degree in IT and engineering at QUT, as well as previously working as a database developer and a project/program manager. He’d been thinking about post-graduate studies for a while before coming across the Graduate Certificate in Business Process Management.

 “It really appealed specifically to what I was interested in doing, which was learning about how to link business ideas of a product with an IT solution and how to do that in an efficient manner,” he explains.

He considers the main benefits of this certificate to be learning BPM frameworks that are backed up by solid research, plus gaining insights into new ways of doing things. “It really fills in the gaps in your own knowledge and gives you a whole lot of confidence to strive forward in your career,” he says. Laurie has also been able to introduce his learnings into his gig at Mastercard.

When it comes to studying at QUT, Laurie enjoys the group work element of his course, as well as the real world focus of the course content – with theory and examples of actual systems being presented side-by-side. Students also get the opportunity to hear from the teaching staff’s industry network.

“This semester we’ve had guest speakers from industry and they share their actual experiences,” he explains. “It’s terrific getting a connection from theory to real world practice and being able to ask them questions.”

To learn more about graduate certificates at QUT and how they can prepare you for the decade’s hottest careers, head here.

This article is brought to you in partnership with QUT.

Louise Meers

Author: Louise Meers

Louise is the production editor for Careers with STEM. She has a journalism degree from the University of Technology, Sydney and has spent over a decade writing for youth. She is passionate about inspiring young people to achieve their biggest goals and build a better future.


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