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IT degree

Across the globe, technology is improving the way we live, work and do, well, everything!

When you think of using STEM to change the world, you might think science is the only path that’ll let you do this. But tech also has the power to make a real difference and we’re seeing this in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, renewable energy, and robotics.

If you’re keen to get into tech and use your skills for global (and local!) good, you’ll want to start by getting an IT degree that will completely prepare you.

We rate IT at QUT because they understand that STEM careers provide the greatest opportunities to succeed in the future, and that STEM qualifications and skills are essential to Australia’s productivity, innovation, and success.

Studying IT to help others

Jason Rumengan is an IT student at QUT. After graduating from high school in Indonesia, he started a Diploma of Information Technology at QUT, an eight-month pathway program for international students into the second year of the Bachelor of Information Technology.

Jason - QUT IT degree
Jason Rumengan is studying a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in Information Systems, at QUT.

Now in his third year of his IT degree, Jason is majoring in Information Systems. He chose Information Systems because it aligns well with his belief that tech should be used to help others.

“Information Systems focusses on using technology to help organisations drive change,” he explains. “It does so by understanding business needs, problems or opportunities, and designing solutions that fulfil those needs.”

Having a strong technical knowledge to understand and design solutions that use cutting-edge tech (like automation, machine learning and AI) is crucial to this, and that’s what the IT side of Jason’s degree equips him with.

Jason, who is also a Wellness Champion and an International Student Mentor, was drawn to QUT because of its focus on aligning its courses to the real world. 

“My undergraduate degree should provide me with the relevant knowledge and skills to succeed in industry,” he says. “QUT does this through a practical curriculum in all subjects and an industry-based practical component, where students either undertake work placements or capstone projects with industry partners.”

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Opening up pathways with Information Systems

Moe Thandar Wynn is a professor in the Faculty of Science, School of Information Systems at QUT. She says that a student completing an Information Systems major will learn how to model data and processes, design databases, create enterprise architectures, develop web applications, implement data-driven insights, and manage complex projects.

Moe Thandar Wynn
Moe Thandar Wynn is a professor in the Faculty of Science, School of Information Systems at QUT.

“These specialist skills will open up a range of IT career pathways including as a business analyst, a systems/process analyst, a solutions architect, an IT project manager, an IT consultant, and a chief information officer,” she explains.

When it comes to studying STEM and IT at QUT, Moe believes it allows students to not only study the fundamental and cutting-edge topics in their respective fields, but also gain relevant experience in applying them in real world settings. 

“QUT’s IT courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels provide excellent opportunities for international students to learn the knowledge required of an IT professional and apply core IT concepts within in the Australian context,” she says. “Such hands-on experience is invaluable for future job prospects.”

To learn more about how an IT degree at QUT can make a difference, head to qut.edu.au/think-stem

This article is brought to you in partnership with QUT.

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