Want an exciting STEM career? Introducing our new range of Job Kits!

These fully embeddable flip-page digital job kits are available online free.

Careers with STEM has launched a new range of free e-magazines deep diving into the hottest, most in-demand STEM jobs.

What exactly is robotics and automation engineer? What does a space and defence specialist’s 9-5 look like? What should I do right now if I’m dreaming of that career path?

In addition to our regular quarterly Careers with STEM magazines, we have a range of more specialised e-magazines: Careers with STEM Job Kits. These free 8-page downloads are your introduction to some of the hottest, most in-demand STEM careers of today.

In partnership with QUT, our new range of Job Kits deep dive into five exciting STEM careers: robotics and automation engineer, space and defence specialist, future cities shaper, future scientist and data scientist.

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Explore the facts and figures about each role, the pathways to get there and day-in-the-life experiences of STEM professionals working in these fast-growing fields.

Preparing students for the jobs of the future

Each Job Kit is available to read as a flip-page e-magazine at the below links:

Share these fun STEM career resources with students and parents, produced in partnership with QUT

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