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We went to QUT Open Day. Here’s 5 things future STEM students should know

QUT Open Day

The Careers with STEM team sussed out QUT Open Day to find out why YOU will love studying there

The science tents were buzzing with excitement on QUT Open Day – from making your own lava lamps at the Street Science stand to hearing current students share what they love about their degrees, this was the place to be if you’re into STEM. And then there were the amazing seminars (like our STEM + X panel!), tours and showcases. It was non-stop, with so much to do, see and take in. We loved every minute.

Thinking QUT could be the best place to kickstart your STEM study and career path? Below are five epic insights we gained by heading along to the Open Day that we just had to share with you.

1. QUT STEM students love studying at QUT

We spoke to past and present STEM students in areas like IT, data science, games and interactive environments, maths, applied science and environmental science. The one thing they all had in common? They were all super keen to share how QUT sets you up extremely well for a career in the real world through strong connections to industry, guidance from expert staff and nurturing STEM skills development.

2. There are so many ways to combine your passion with STEM

Can’t decide between physics and chemistry? Really good at maths but want to explore other areas like communications, law or business? There was a lot of talk about the awesomeness of double degrees and how coupling two different fields together can open up so many future career options. You can find out more about double degrees at QUT here, and also find your STEM + X (where X is passion, hobby or other interest) in the QUT STEM + X Guide – this magazine is free to download!

3. The facilities are out of this world

We are big fans of The Cube so let us gush over it for a moment… If you’ve been to the Gardens Point campus before, you’ll know why. It’s one of the world’s largest and most advanced digital interactive learning and display spaces, with 48 multi-touch screens and soaring across two storeys. It brings STEM research and concepts to life for the public in a fun, hands-on way.

On Open Day, so many future STEM students were drawn to The Cube and were having a blast sussing out and interacting with the big screens.

4. They’re future focussed

QUT knows that data skills are crucial to the careers of the future, and we picked up a bit of a scoop on Open Day! It looks like they could be offering (subject to final approval) new vertical double degrees in 2024, so you can combine a Bachelor of Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Business or Engineering with a Masters of Data Analytics. All winning combos if you ask us!

5. You’ll have a lot of fun

For socialising and making new friends with people who like all the same STEM stuff as you, there are stacks of great societies and clubs, like Women in Tech, QUT Physics Society and Game Development Club. And if tech + sport is your jam? You’ll be super happy to know that QUT has a Virtual Cycling Centre, a golf simulator and an incredible Esports Arena!

For more on how to combine STEM with your passion, hobbies and interest (we call this your STEM + X), check out the QUT STEM + X Guide.

For more STEM career videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

This article was produced in partnership with QUT.

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