Find your STEM + X at QUT

Did you know that there’s a secret formula to getting that great-paying, in-demand and stellar career that you’ll actually love?

We call it STEM + X – where X is your passion, another field or world-changing goal. Think tech + fashion = better sportswear, or science + engineering = medical devices that keep us healthier for longer, or mathematics + business = strategic decision-making.

Whatever you’re into, there’s a STEM + X solution at QUT that can get you there, building real-world experience, the latest technology, STEM skills and core skills into your study path and giving you the opportunity to be your best self.

QUT STEM + X guide cover

Download the QUT STEM + X guide!

Produced in partnership with Brisbane’s QUT, this free 60-page magazine highlights a raft of exciting STEM+X education and career paths, featuring inspiring real-life STEM role models and mentors, plus loads of practical insights and advice to help you (or your students) plan the ultimate STEM career.

At QUT, you can choose from more than 100 real-world courses and turn your passion into a rewarding career. Flick through these pages and get inspired about your future!

Meet real-life QUT STEM graduates and read about their inspiring study and career paths.


QUT graduate and Senior Research Fellow Dr Nicole White uses her background in maths and statistics to find meaning in healthcare data

Mathematician & senior lecturer

Kate is a mathematician and senior lecturer at QUT and is researching how different regulations might influence farmers’ decisions and ultimately change their behaviour.

Robotics expert

Robotics expert Michael Milford uses data to fuel machine learning technology

Bachelor of Data Science student

Think doing a data science degree from home is impossible? Think again! Emma Studerus is on the task

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Tech and cyber

Why tech and cyber careers are hot

With industries hungry for star coders, there’s a goldmine of career opportunities in tech and cyber 

New STEM + X Guide out now!

We've launched a free 60-page magazine highlighting exciting STEM+X education and career paths at QUT.
Amelia Luu

Biohacking the future: careers in biomedical science

A biomedical science career combines new medical discoveries and cutting-edge technology to ensure we all live happy and healthy lives
Emma Studerus - Maths and Data

The numbers behind everything: maths + data skills are in demand

Hot tip: Data literacy will be the most in-demand skill for employers by 2023
Space career options

What to study if you want to work in space

Astronauts aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a career in space
STEM and law - Rachel Hews

Combining STEM with law… What’s the verdict?

The evidence is in – combining law with STEM opens up a world of career possibilities.
Nicole Destimas and Hayley Bell (co-founders of Belnic) - Liveable Spaces

How to create liveable spaces with STEM

Want to build the world’s most liveable city? Here’s how to become a future “placemaker”
Health and medical science

Cutting edge careers in health and medical science

If you have a passion for improving people's lives, health and medical sciences has a rewarding, exciting career waiting for you
Climate and conservation

Study climate and conservation and drive the green revolution

So, your goal is to save the planet? There are plenty of different pathways to explore in climate and sustainability
Teach STEM

Teach STEM and inspire the next gen

Combining your STEM skills with education will keep you in demand long into the future