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Latest edition: Careers with STEM: Engineering 2022

Engineering skills will equip you for the jobs of the future!

Stumped on how to kickstart an engineering career? At its core, it’s all about using maths and science to solve problems! From buildings to apps, engineers design and build efficient solutions that we use everyday and beyond.

With the world currently facing multiple crises – climate change, natural disasters, war, a pandemic and food insecurity – people with engineering skills are in high demand. In Australia alone, more than 80% of engineering graduates land full-time jobs within four months of graduation.

Careers with STEM: Engineering Term 3, 2022 is filled with real-world career profiles designed to inspire, as well as practical tips and advice from engineers in a range of exciting fields. We explore VET pathways, how engineers are crucial in the race against climate change and crisis recovery, and recent engineering innovations in medicine, transport, energy, water, waste and more.

Plus, flip the cover to find our special 8-page section, all about careers in quantum science and technology.

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Our quarterly Careers with STEM magazines on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics regularly feature special flip-cover editions covering topics ranging from Cyber Security to Economics, Space and more.

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About the Careers with STEM magazines

The Careers with STEM magazines for students offer inspiration to young Australians to get involved in STEM and explore future careers. The series is supported by digital marketing, social media, video and via the Careers with STEM website. Careers with STEM magazines for students are distributed to all Australian schools and supported by regular e-newsletters to STEM classrooms. Careers with STEM focuses on STEM + X, where ‘X’ is your passion, another field or a world issue. It takes STEM beyond the classroom and into the careers of the future, which may rapidly shift from the increased pace of digital disruption. It’s about the innovation that happens at the intersection of cross-disciplinary study, research and at the start of young people’s lives.