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6 reasons not to drop maths

6 reasons not to drop maths

If you’re not pumped on numbers, Year 11 + maths = no point, right? Wrong! Sticking it out could land you your dream career.

Keen to drop maths as soon as you can? Before you subtract it from your life completely, consider the pluses that it’ll have when applying for uni or acing your first gig. Loads of uni courses include standard Year 12 maths as a prerequisite, not to mention the fun, exciting – and surprising – careers that use numbers every day.

“Maths teaches transferable problem-solving skills that are a desirable trait of a potential employee across a variety of career pathways,” says Mountain Creek State High School maths teacher Emma Hodkinson. “The skills learnt in maths at any level are helpful for everyday life.”

6 reasons not to drop maths

#1 Literally every job uses it

All jobs use maths. Take that thing you love, add maths and there’s your ultimate gig right there.

#2 It’ll keep your tertiary study options open

When deciding what to study after high school, it’s OK to take your time, change your
mind and switch things up. But having maths under your belt helps and for some degrees, it’s a prerequisite.

#3 You’ll become a TikTok pro

Reach, clicks and shareability are all modern maths tools designed to help us work out what is and isn’t working – or trending on the socials.

#4 Because all the STEM pros say so

From tradies to cyber security experts, animators and weather pros, if it’s a job with numbers, chances are we’ve found an expert to match. Search our site for all their tips!

#5 It could increase your earning potential

STEM skills are essential to future economies, which makes developing a solid foundation
while still at high school seriously invaluable. And how’s this for probability theory?! US company PayScale found that graduates in maths, science and engineering had the highest mid-career salary!

#6 It’s actually really fun

Gone are the days of crazy professors and snoozy blackboards full of random numbers. In 2022, maths and data are complex, cool, empowering and way more relevant to a career you’ll want to land!

Do the math!

These dreamy jobs should be enough to convince you to hang in there with two-unit…

  • Maths + TikTok = social media analyst
  • Maths + retail = data scientist
  • Maths + defence = cyber security expert
  • Maths + clothes = fashion designer
  • Maths + food = chef
  • Maths + building = architect
  • Maths + transport = pilot
  • Maths + video games = game developer
  • Maths + drawing = animator
  • Maths + money = financial planner

This article originally appeared in Careers with STEM: Maths 2022.

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