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A-Z of renewable energy careers

Renewable Energy Careers

Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy will require the very best humanity has to offer in innovation, ingenuity, effort and cooperation.

The good news? We’re doing it, and that means job opportunities galore for those who want to be part of the revolution. Check out our A-Z of renewable energy careers below – some might even surprise you!

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Renewable energy careers

A is for architect

Utilises renewable energy, such as solar panels, in their design plans for homes, buildings and other structures.

B is for blade technicians

Inspects, maintains and repairs the blades on a wind turbine.

C is for carbon capture and storage analyst

Finds and assesses underground reservoirs that can be used to store carbon dioxide emitted by power stations and industrial facilities.

ROLE MODEL: Meet carbon capture and storage analyst, Jess Godfrey

D is for data scientist

Creates data models to provide insights and analysis that help renewable energy companies make good business decisions.

E is for electrical engineer

Designs and develops systems that use electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

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F is for future energy specialist

Engineers, physicists, chemists, nano-materials specialists, founders and researchers working to change the way we use and create energy.

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G is for geothermal engineer

Discovers ways to collect and use geothermal energy (heat from within the earth).

H is for hydropower labourer

Helps with the building of hydropower plants. This includes underground work, concreting, drilling and tunnelling.

I is for installer

Constructs, installs and maintains solar panels on roofs, structures and land.

J is for journalist

Researches, writes and communicates stories about the latest developments in the renewable energy sector.

K is for Kia automative engineer

Designs and manufactures Kia’s electrical vehicle, known as the EV6.

L is for linesperson

Ensures people have access to electricity through installing, maintaining and fixing overhead and underground power lines.

M is for mechanical engineer

Designs, analyses, manufactures and maintains machines, including renewable energy systems.

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N is for national energy manager

Works with an organisation to assess and improve their energy usage, looking at things like resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings.

O is for operations engineer

Plans and supervises maintenance of renewable energy structures and equipment, like wind turbines and solar inverters.

P is for photovoltaics expert

Engineer who designs and develops solar photovoltaic systems for wherever energy is needed.

ROLE MODEL: Meet sustainbility consultant, Angela Begg, who studied a Bachelor of Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Engineering at UNSW Sydney

Q is for quality assurance specialist 

Analyses and test materials to see if they meet the required specifications for that renewable energy project.

R is for renewable energy engineer

Finds the best ways to make use of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass.

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S is for Snow Hydro apprentice

Works with hydropower experts to gain experience in mechanical trade or electrotechnology while studying through VET.

T is for turbine engineer

Works on designs for onshore and offshore wind farm layouts and systems.

U is for urban planner

Plans and manages the development of new cities and towns, and coordinates everyone involved in this task. They may use renewable energy systems in their plans.

V is for (high) voltage electrician

Works with electricial systems that operate at a high voltage, like industrial machinery and street lights.

W is for wind farm operator

Oversees the operation, maintenance and repairs of wind turbines on a wind farm.

X is x-citing opportunities

With new innovations in renewable energy happening all the time, there will continue to be plenty of job (and study) opportunities in this space – some that haven’t even been invented yet!

Y is for yard engineer

Someone who moves trains between tracks to keep them organised and on schedule. This career will boom with the rise of solar trains in the future. (Did you know we have the world’s first solar train right here in Australia?)

Z is for ???

Okay, we’re totally stumped on ‘Z’. This is a tough one! Got any ideas for us? Leave a comment below!

Did you love our A-Z of renewable energy careers?

Yuneska Harris is an engineering manager at Clenery, a solar mounting system manufacturer. Read her story here.

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