Research vessel captures awesome meteor footage off southern Australia

In today’s how-cool-is-science news, a CSIRO research vessel off southern Australia has captured amazing footage of a meteor breaking up in the sky

The footage was captured at 9.21pm AEDT on Wednesday, 18 November by the livestream camera on board RV Investigator, a CSIRO research vessel.

The ship was in the Tasman Sea, about 100km off the Tasmanian coast when the vision was live-streamed.

RV Investigator
The amazing footage was captured by livestream cameras aboard CSIRO research vessel, RV Investigator. Image: CSIRO

CSIRO Voyage Manager on board RV Investigator John Hooper said it was a stroke of luck to capture this footage.

“What we saw on reviewing the livestream footage astounded us, the size and brightness of the meteor was incredible,” he said.

Local Hobart media was flooded with reports of sightings but at this stage no other photos or vision are believed to have been captured.

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The bright-green meteor was spotted by bridge crew aboard the ship, and reported to science staff on board.

The RV Investigator is in the area to undertake seafloor mapping of a nearby marine park, conduct oceanographic studies and run sea trials for a variety of marine equipment.

The ship’s livestream camera streams vision from the ship 24 hours a day – you can check it out here.

Read the full release from CSIRO here.

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Gemma Chilton

Author: Gemma Chilton

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