Get job ready with the RMIT Bachelor of Computer Science

RMIT Professor of Computer Science, John Thangarajah.

“Computer science excites me, it always has,” says John Thangarajah. He’s the Associate Dean of Computer Science (CS) and Software Engineering at RMIT – and exactly the kind of guy you’d want to head up your CS degree. John is super qualified (he’s got a PhD in the subject, and he’s also a Professor of Artificial Intelligence, AI) plus, he’s passionate about the future of tech.

“The ability to talk to machines and make them do stuff that you want them to do – that’s amazing, that’s superhero stuff,” he says.

At RMIT you won’t be engineering a batmobile, but you could be programming robots to compete in an international soccer tournament or working with cutting-edge technology from partners like Microsoft or Amazon in your coursework.

“We take great pride in getting our students industry-ready. We’re first to market with the future of CS courses, like our new mixed-reality course delivered in partnership with Microsoft,” says John.

As for your future? RMIT’s got you covered there too. Every course they offer is designed to get you stuck into the practical side of programming. That means more workshops, studio-based learning, and a brand-new AI innovation lab to get you job-ready across all things CS; from cloud computing to gaming software, cybersecurity or mobile computing. 

Study CS at RMIT

RMIT Bachelor of Computer Science: Gain experience in coding for application software across social media, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data and more with the RMIT Bachelor of Computer Science. You’ll graduate ready for a career in areas like software development, system architecture or project management – that could mean heading up the development of awesome next-gen tech products or designing super-safe cybersecurity systems.

> ATAR (2019): 80.20 

>  Full time: 3 years / Part-time: 6 years 

>  Melbourne City campus

To get there:

This article was brought to you in partnership with RMIT. It was originally published in Careers with STEM: Code 2019. You can read the e-magazine for free online here.

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