RMIT EnGenius showcases spectacular student engineering

If you could solve any problem with engineering, what would it be? That’s the brief behind the RMIT EnGenius showcase, the event that brings together 3rd and 4th year Engineering students with industry experts and the curious minds of the public.

RMIT EnGenius

At this year’s event, over 1000 students from Engineering at RMIT presented their cleverly-designed products – the creativity of which did not disappoint. There was a solar powered tuk tuk that’s about to embark on a whirlwind tour across Australia, 3d printed medical implants, and a robotic arm controlled by mere facial expressions.

Executive Dean School of Engineering Professor Adrian Mouritz said RMIT was proud to produce young engineers who were creating design solutions for real-life challenges.

“EnGenius brings engineering out of the classroom and into real life,” he said.

“Visitors to RMIT EnGenius can see how a robotic desk arm could help children with spinal cord injuries gain independence, learn how a bike for people with special needs was designed and developed and drive a drone.”



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Robotics for accessibility

Electronics and communications engineering and computer science student, Peter Kydas is one of the team behind Facegate; the robotic arm controlled by facial expressions that has great potential for children with spinal cord injuries.

“There’s technology out there where electrical stimulation can help a carer in moving a child in and out of a wheelchair. In the future, we see this electrical stimulation being able to control whole limbs. Currently, however, there still needs to be a carer controlling those motions,” he said.

“What makes Facegate different is we are trying to cut out the middle man so the child can have control and gain some independence. Imagine a robotic arm attached to a wheelchair opening doors for them.

“We are very excited to showcase the project, which has been a year in the making.”

See below for the full list of winning projects at RMIT EnGenius.

First place winners:

Advanced Manufacturing

Team: AM AlSi10Mg ConRods

Team members: Wing Chan, Nicholas Main, Keegan Almeida, Ali Hamid


Team: Parachute System for Risk Mitigation of Small Unmanned Aircraft

Team members: Mehdi Reyazee


Team: Design and Implement an Electronic System to Inject Hydrogen Carrier Fuels into an Internal Combustion Engine

Team members: Ben Stylianou


Team: Smart Drug Delivery Systems

Team members: Guilherme Spier


Team: Microfluidics Working on an Automated Valve Control System

Team members: Max Glanville


Team: Effects of Water Table on Soil Amplification Effects Due to Earthquake Excitation

Team members: Mansimran Grewal


Team: From Sugar to Acid

Team members: Thuraya Al Jebori, Gursimar Kaur, Aryan Puri, Natalie Tannous, Nadine Toufaili

Electronic & Telecoms

Team: Passive Radar – FPGA Data Path

Team members: Jason Chahine

Sustainable Systems

Team: Rear assisted walker

Team members: Matthew Rossi


Team: An efficient method of assessing the mechanical response of a buried pipeline subject to seismic fault deformation

Team members: Paul Cugnetto


Team: Urban Development Infrastructure for a Sustainable Growth for Melbourne.

Team members: Brandon Fernando




Team: PP :: Energy Absorber

Team members: Sumiraj Bhatt, Mitchell Hughes, Anthony Vuglar

Electrical (NMITIA)

Team: SolarTuk

Team members: Zakir Hussain, Felizardo Don Javelona, Emmanuel Okai, Raymond Pan, Jake Collier, Bailey Dorling, Callum Farrar, Angus Ferry, Andrew Klink, Jeremy Santuccione, Harrisson Van Dort

Electrical (SEW)

Team: Team Enigma

Team members: Ashish Nath, Asmaul Rahat


Team:Analysis of the Magnetic Lift Force of a Halbach Array for the Purpose of Hyperloop Use

Team members: Matthew Tolj

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