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Kickstart your career in science and space

Science careers

Inspired to pursue a career in science or the space sector? Start here!

Stumped on how to kickstart a career that shows off your science smarts? Scientists don’t just work in the lab  – they’re helping build our economy through innovations, collaborations and industry partnerships. To search the diverse pathways into science roles hit up the Good Universities Guide.

Find mentors and role models

Boost your career prospects by connecting with real-life people who have walked the path before you. You could start by checking out the hundreds of inspiring career profiles on our website. Head here.

STEM careers
Mixing agriculture with STEM has set Simone Barakat up with an awesome career in agritech!

Watch our live webinar

Want the chance to ask the role models in the pages of this magazine your career questions in real life? We’ll be hosting a live webinar with some of the featured STEM professionals on 23 February 2022.

Miss out on the live event? Don’t worry you’ll find the full recording of this and all our previous (and future!) webinars here.

Scroll our science career-opedia

Not sure what kinds of science jobs are out there? From agricultural scientist to volcanologist, we’ve written down every science gig we can think of.

What’s that STEM job?

Our free 8-page Job Kits will give you the complete low-down on specific STEM careers. Start with these if you’re dreaming of a career in science or space.

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Science 2022.


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