New science magazine with first ever space section out now!

Careers with STEM Science event
Careers with STEM: Science 2021 cover

Celebrating the ‘S’ in STEM with our science magazine

Science has headed towards a crucial direction post-2020. As we face challenges from climate change to a global pandemic, the critical role of science and science professionals is clearer than ever. There’s never been a better time to find out where a science career can take you – and #spoilers, it’s not the lab!

Last year, the Australian government explicitly highlighted STEM degrees as a priority based on industry demand, with new incentives for students to choose this pathway. This issue will be guiding us through those pathways with a new lens.  

In this science 2021 magazine, you will meet scientists solving pressing global challenges and contributing to a prosperous economy. There will be profiles on creative professionals in innovation, entrepreneurship and industry collaboration.

Science is a great way to follow your passion. It could be food, or animals, starting a business, or improving your health and fitness. There is a science career that combines STEM with your passion waiting for you. 

REGISTER here for the careers with STEM: Science webinar at 12PM (ESDT), 17 Feb 2021

Flip the magazine over for a very first, 10-page future-focussed Space section. This section showcases a variety of jobs in the space sector. We talk about jobs in space law and space medicine. The issue highlights people working within space careers with a variety of expertise in manufacturing, coding, research and communication. 

Careers with STEM Space event
Careers with STEM: Space 2021

Two copies of Careers with STEM: Science 2021 + Space issue will be delivered free to every secondary school and university in Australia for Term 1.

REGISTER here for the careers with STEM: Space webinar at 12PM (ESDT), 24 February 2021

Click here to order additional copies of this magazine or any of our back issues, or to read free online versions.

Astha Singh

Author: Dr Astha Singh

Astha is the Managing Editor at Refraction Media. She is a STEM Marketer and holds a Honors, Masters & PhD degree in Science. She has been producing STEM marketing content for over 10 years and is an avid advocate of Diversity in the STEM industry.


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