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Science webinar live recording

Busting all those lab-coat, white-male-only, crazy-haired myths about science careers! Hear from three experts in physics, chemistry and science + business in our live webinar recording.

As we face challenges from climate change to a global pandemic, the crucial role of science and scientists is clearer than ever. In this Careers with STEM: Science webinar, you’ll meet scientists solving pressing global challenges and contributing to a prosperous economy through creative innovation and industry collaboration.

Scientists don’t just work in the lab and field – they collaborate on innovative new areas that lead to whole new products and careers.

Like Mitra Safavi-Naeini whose work combines medicine with physics, and ShanShan Wang, who founded a startup medical device company to improve respiratory health. The two went on to win a NASA hackathon!

Science is also a great way to follow your passion – from food to animals, starting a business, or improving health and fitness, there’s a science career waiting for you. Meet science professionals with amazing careers they love – and find out how to get into a career you’ll love that combines science with your passion.

Part 1: About Careers with STEM

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Part 2: Science careers set to boom – an overview of the science sector

Part 3: Meet out panellists, Mitra Safavi-Naeni, Declan Burke and ShanShan Wang

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This event is proudly bought to you by Careers with STEM and ANSTO.

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