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See yourself as a cyber cop? Read through our Cyber Security Analyst Job Kit!

Hoping to do good in the world, you may be interested in protecting people as a cybersecurity analyst – read through our free job kit to find out more

Cyber Security Analysts are the cops of the virtual world, helping keep law and order through solving puzzles and being curious, creative and organised. They help to keep people safe from identity, online, and shopping fraud. 

Alongside Torrens University, we’re shining a light on all things cyber security in this Cyber Security Analyst Job Kit

You’ll hear from a cyber security lecturer and people currently studying and working in this space. 

To start on this pathway, the best subjects to study are Design and Technology, Information Software and Technology, and Maths, to name a few. 

With so much of our lives occurring online now, helping ensure people can be safe when using the internet and all its features is an in-demand career.

What are Job Kits?

The Careers with STEM Job Kits are free downloadable 8-page e-mags which offer a complete introduction to individual STEM careers. Discover what a specific STEM job is all about, meet real people working in that job and find out what you can do right now to set your career on the right path.

Find our entire collection of Job Kits here.

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