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Six ways to add STEM careers to your classroom

classroom STEM career information

Careers in STEM are on the rise – but how do you add AI (artificial intelligence) to algebra, cyber security to coding and engineering to English? Adding classroom STEM career information can create relevancy across multiple subject areas. But in a crowded curriculum, how do you build in current career content? We unpack a few ideas from teachers using the Careers with STEM magazines in class.

1. Literacy

Literacy activities can be used across classrooms. Careers with STEM magazines are distributed free to schools (check your library) and also present a great opportunity to review contemporary texts in English classes.

Science and tech can be full of jargon but offer a unique chance for communicators to sharpen their skills at demystifying content. The Careers with STEM magazines and website look at current trends in STEM careers and emerging jobs.

Unpack the jargon in an article – why is it there? What do people understand it to mean? Is it in the dictionary? List the unfamiliar words and find out what they mean.

Take a look at the grammar and identify the verbs, nouns and adjectives.

2. Design & Digital Technologies

Take a look at writing for the web and navigating through the information on this site in a Digital Technologies or ICT class. How is the language different from the magazine? Is the content behind specific navigational cues what you would expect? What does the design tell you about who the site is for and how it could be used? How is data gathered on the site? Where is information about privacy kept?

Review the directory of coding events, resources and sites for students, parents and teachers. Choose one activity to extend your interest in coding. What was the activity that you chose? Take part in the activity and then present your experiences back to the class.

3. Science

So much of Careers with STEM stories and profiles can be used to integrate classroom STEM career information as part of the Science as a Human Endeavour curriculum. There are over 250 profiles of people working in STEM on the website, which can be sorted by each area of STEM, as well as linking science with start-ups for example, like biologist and founder of educational technology company Arludo, Michael Kasumovic or chemical engineer Jessica Allen, who is working on a project to develop a commercial model of a direct carbon fuel cell. You can also find some amazing Indigenous people working in STEM, and over 150 women in STEM.

Communicating science is part of Science Inquiry Skills, and there are articles on many emerging areas of science that can be used for research or as examples of science communication. Try there:

There are posts about undertaking science research (the right way). You can even find some information on people who combine humanities and science in their careers to improve the way we understand and present science information.


Careers with STEM can be a resource for Personal, Social and Community Health for years 7-10 with information on current careers in health and wellbeing. Evaluate the classroom STEM career information across these areas and undertake further research on the technologies and programs in these stories to promote health and wellbeing:

5. The Arts

At Careers with STEM we are passionate about combining STEM with arts – because working in media that’s what we do! Careers with STEM can be used in media arts programs – start with this category page on combining STEM with being creative.


Many of the articles on environmental change and careers are relevant to the Geography curriculum and improve classroom STEM career information. Start with this category page on combining STEM with solving global problems. The Careers with STEM: Economics special editions contain information about the global relevance of economics, and you can find articles combining STEM with starting a business here.

You can find out more about using classroom STEM career information using the Careers with STEM materials here.

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