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Addicted to feeling good? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up a list of the best apps to give you the warm and fuzzies. Donate the cost of a coffee in a click, or sponsor a charity with your exercise regime. Apps have brought technology solutions to one of our most age old practices, to better the way we give.

Charity Miles

The fitness app that gives back. Charity miles logs all your fitness information – walking, running, biking, etc, and turns your physical efforts into charitable ones. The app raises money for a charity of your choosing, out of 30 global charities.

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Shout For Good

This app takes the hassle out of donating to charity, letting you give small amounts like the cost of a cup of coffee within seconds. Choose from more than 150 charities and use the share buttons to encourage your friends to join in.

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Share The Meal

The United Nations have developed the app to combat world hunger. How does it work? Share a food picture you’ve taken to your social media using the app and they’ll donate a meal to a hungry child. You’ll see exactly who is getting fed by your picture, but you can also donate small amounts to feed more children if you choose. With 20 times as many smartphones as hungry children in the world, ShareTheMeal wants a lot of people to give a little to fight world hunger.

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Also using the ‘lots of people, giving a little’ approach, this app lets you replace your time spent gaming with giving back. Answer survey questions and the app will donate to causes you care about – easy as that. Create a team of mates for even more impact.

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Like Facebook, but social good not social media. Horyou lets you create a profile, share your charitable endeavours, follow initiatives or people you’re interested in and use the power of social networking to gain traction in social good.

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Acts of Random Kindness

This app doesn’t need your money or your time, it reminds you to be consciously kind to others. You set up the app with how many Acts of Random Kindness (ARKs) you’d like to do per day, and reminds you to complete them. If you get stuck, the app will send you suggestions for how to spread the cheer.

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Which apps leave you feeling good for giving back?

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