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Quiz: Could you be a space + defence specialist?

Aaron McFayden - Space + Defence Specialist

Wondering where a STEM degree could take you?

How about cyber security engineering in our Defence Force, or even launching your career out of this world? Take this quiz to see if becoming a space + defence specialist is the right move for you!

Space + Defence Specialist Job Kit

Space and Defence Specialist

Interested in this pathway or got a convincing ‘Yes!’ result from the above quiz? Be sure to download your free copy of our Space + Defence Specialist Job Kit.

It’s an eight-page deep dive into awesome careers in this area, plus has stacks of insights from clever STEM peeps already working there.

Lost Work in space

We’ve interviews lots of STEM pros already working in space + Defence careers. Check out their profiles below:

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Careers with STEM: Defence

Want to see what other Defence career options are out there? Find your dream career in Defence with our secret formula: Defence + X, where X equals your interest, another field or a life-changing goal. Think Defence + cyber security = cyber warfare operator; Defence + robots = army mechatronic and electrical engineer; or Defence + space = satellite engineer. And at the core of these careers? Some serious STEM skills, of course! All of this is explored in the below issue of Careers with STEM.

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