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Space careers are so much more than a man in a spacesuit! You can be a software engineer working on a rocket in Queensland, a planetary scientist and particle physics expert, work in risk management and communications or even jump onto the vomit comet to train astronauts.

In space, not even the sky’s the limit. Hear from four of Australia’s leading space experts in this awesome webinar.

A job in the space sector may seem out of reach, or only available to a select few who want to be an astronaut. But the good news is, there are many space jobs that draw on STEM skills and areas like software development, industrial design, and metal fabricating.

The Australian Space Agency aims to triple the size of the Australian space sector and create 20,000 more space jobs in Australia in the next 10 years.

Jobs in the space sector are incredibly varied. Some people work in space law, or space medicine, while others have expertise in manufacturing or coding, research or communication.

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