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teacher case study

Teacher case study: Mathspace Essentials

The focus on step-by-step feedback is what makes online learning tool Mathspace Essentials so useful for teachers and students, says high school teacher Matthew Selby.

Last year our Mathematics department decided to review the students’ online learning environment. Brigidine College used a trial of the full version of Mathspace with all the analytical components.

The trial only lasted a term but we were able to use Mathspace Essentials for the remainder of the year. 

Mathspace hasn’t changed the way that I teach maths – what it’s done is give me an alternative source for revision and self-guided learning. The eBook and practice questions in Mathspace Essentials are useful for further practice of skills and concepts in a topic.

The written explanations and videos are clear and thorough, which allows students to access the work in their own time and at their own pace. I use them for revision during term and leading up to an assessment, as well as a tool for students to revisit areas where they need to improve to reach their potential.

How Mathspace Essentials differs from other programs I’ve used

The feedback process and focus on working out is where Mathspace Essentials differs from other programs on the market.

Most products give decent explanations or videos to guide students. However, the practice questions are usually answer-focused and don’t require working out. When students get something wrong, they are told to refer back to the explanation to ‘get the right answer next time’Continue reading

teacher case study
Matthew Selby teaches high school maths at Brigidine College St Ives

Mathspace Essentials, on the other hand, has a simple tick/cross system that allows students to see if they are on the right track. If they are stuck, there is sometimes a hint button and a button for the video associated to the work.

If they still can’t move forward, a “next step” button appears and helps the student to progress. This constant feedback and support sets it apart from the other programs I’ve used in the past.

Students also like that they can either type their answers or write them using the touchscreens on their devices, because Mathspace Essentials has a handwriting recognition tool. It’s easy for them to use on their phones, which means I’ve had kids doing their homework on the bus home.

– Matthew Selby, Brigidine College St Ives

Mathspace Essentials is sponsored by Westpac

For their 200th birthday, Westpac decided to do something special. They made Mathspace Essentials free for every Australian girl, boy and teacher. Mathspace Essentials is an online hub where learning maths is easier and more engaging than your traditional textbook approach.

For a free trial, or to find out more about the platform, head to mathspace.co/westpac/educator/

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