The ultimate guide to STEM-ing up your school holidays

STEM activities for the school holidays

Looking for STEM-y things to do these school holidays? We’ve made the ultimate check list for you to work your way through!

Don’t let school holiday boredom creep in. Use your free time wisely! Below, we’ve listed STEM activities for the school holidays that’ll fill your hours with fun things to do in science, tech, engineering and maths, as well as quizzes that’ll help you work out what to study in the future.

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STEM activities for the school holidays

20 STEM-inspired boredom busters for the school holidays: there’s baking, movie marathons, room makeovers, LEGO building, website designing and more!

Engineering activities for the school holidays: is engineering in your future? Here are five engineering activities for the school holidays that’ll keep your curious mind satisfied and hands tinkering!

Maths activities for the school holidays: here are five maths activities for the school holidays that are easy as pi(e) and that’ll keep your skills sharp acute before school goes back.

10 space activities for the school holidays: from podcast recommendations to learning how to make a burrito in space, there’s something here for everyone!

Tech activities for the school holidays: six tech activities that’ll help you on your way to computer science career success… or just fill in the time before school goes back!

STEM up your school holidays with fun urban planning activities: the following urban planning activities can be smashed out in the one day – or tackled in between Netflix marathons and TikTok dance-offs. You totally don’t need a computer either!

16 career challenges to tick off these holidays: there are loads of quick, easy and fun things you can do for your career these school holidays. Yep, even from the couch.

Enter the UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing

The annual UNSW Bragg Prize is a science essay writing competition open to all Australian high school students in years 7 to 10.

This year you need to craft an opinion piece, or historical or cultural research to inform and persuade your reader: what is Science and why do we need it?

Your 800-word essay might consist of:

  • Reflections on First Nations science;
  • Science through time; or
  • How science is represented through traditional or social media.

The winner will be awarded a $500 UNSW Bookshop voucher. Two runners up with receive $250 book vouchers.

The winning essay will be included in the 2023 edition of NewSouth Publishing’s highly acclaimed anthology The Best Australian Science Writing, where it will appear alongside essays by some of the country’s leading science writers. It will also appear in an issue of CSIRO’s Double Helix Magazine, on and on

Enter the competition!

Take some quizzes to the pass the time

You can find our full library of quizzes here, but we’ve selected a few of our favourites below.

For the future scientists…

For the tech lovers…

For all the engineers…

For the maths fans…

For everyone…

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Women in engineering with amazing STEM careers

10 STEM careers to land with a computer science degree

Careers with STEM at Australian Manufacturing Week

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P.S. Want the school holidays to go forever? Here are four science-backed ways to make the school holidays last longer.

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