Careers with STEM Ambassadors

What is a Careers with STEM Ambassador?

At Refraction Media, Careers with STEM publishers, we regularly hear from enthusiastic teachers looking to expand their STEM program in school and to link STEM with other disciplines (eg STEM + Arts=STEAM) and to engage their whole community in STEM programs. We’ve created the Careers with STEM ambassador program to connect with passionate advocates of STEM, provide resources we had that we can share, and encourage you to share your own STEM stories.

We’d love to participate and to offer our help, encouragement and support to schools and other educators, particularly those who are unable to access support due to lack of funds, remote locations or who would just like additional expertise and resources.


Careers with STEM ambassador Sallyann Burtenshaw testing some new primary maths activities with her students.

The Careers with STEM ambassador program aims to create a dialogue between educators and us, Australia’s leading STEM publishers; to provide access to professional development, resources and prizes; and to provide inspiration and ideas to other educators looking to benefit from your experience as you share your STEM education journey.

The Careers with STEM platform includes a website, teacher resources, quarterly magazines: Careers with Science, Careers with Code, Careers with Engineering and Careers with Maths, and more.  Aimed at students in years 9-12, these magazines are distributed for free to every Australian secondary school.

As a Careers with STEM ambassador, you’ll receive:

1. Discounts to professional development activities

2. Access to free giveaways to conferences, subscriptions to tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, and fantastic quality STEM resources from our partners

3. An official certificate to show your school that you’re an ambassador for STEM

4. The chance to share your journey through blogs and online forums to discuss opportunities and exciting STEM programs being developed by other STEM ambassadors

5. Free copies, pre-release copies of Careers with STEM magazines for your classroom

And more! Sign up here and start your STEM advocacy journey in your school today.