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Combining STEM with law… What’s the verdict?

STEM and law - Rachel Hews

The evidence is in – combining law with STEM opens up a world of career possibilities

New innovations in science and tech are exciting, but they also create new legal challenges. Think of the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) or genetic editing, or the regulations needed around collecting and storing people’s personal data. In order for our laws to keep up with technological developments, we need legal experts who understand both the law and STEM.

STEM skills are becoming increasingly essential to a law career. Take data science, for example. Digital forensics investigators look through data for evidence of crime, so they need to know how to analyse it and interpret the results. 

Likewise, law skills can come in handy in STEM fields. Most big companies have legal teams to help them make sure they comply with regulations, and startups working on innovative new technology need legal advice to protect their intellectual property.

Find your STEM + Law path

Whether you see yourself climbing the corporate ladder at a big law firm or working in an advisory role in industry or government, QUT offers a range of double degrees to help you get there. QUT’s Bachelor of Laws (Honours) can be combined with degrees in data science, IT or science (majoring in biological sciences, chemistry, Earth science, environmental science or physics) to give you that STEM edge when you graduate.

Each double degree focuses on real-world case studies and is taught by leaders in research. The law degree includes a work placement, and the training will also sharpen your writing and public speaking skills – useful in any career! 

Australia’s need for lawyers is real, with firms increasing staffing by 34% on average in 2020. Adding the specialist knowledge gained from a STEM degree creates even more opportunity to land an interesting role where you can help shape the future. Case closed!

Start your career here

Law Study

Law Jobs

  • Corporate lawyer: $59K–$145K
  • Policy officer: $56K–$97K
  • Compliance officer: $49K–$88K
  • Data scientist: $63K–$128K*

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Law role models

This article was created in partnership with QUT and originally appears in the QUT STEM Guide 2022.

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