STEM backgrounds

Careers with STEM backgrounds

Professional backdrops for your video conferencing! Here’s how.

We’ve created STEM-themed screen backgrounds to help you video chat like a pro – while hiding the messy room/dog/rest of family/kitchen meal remains in the background. Students, teachers and STEM professionals can choose their favourite STEM background instead. All you need is the Zoom app and a computer with a processor that is Intel Core i5 with a quad core or better (check these requirements), or access to Microsoft Teams.

Step 1: Download the Screens

Choose your favourite image and click on the link or image and then right click or screenshot to save to your device.

Tech guru

Click to open and save the ‘Tech guru‘ background

Rocket scientist

Click to open and save the ‘Rocket scientist‘ background

Class expert

Click to open and save the ‘Class expert‘ background

Future Scientist

Click to open and save the ‘Future scientist‘ background

Aspiring engineer

Click to open and save the ‘Aspiring engineer‘ background

Winging it

Click to open and save the ‘Winging it‘ background

Adding virtual backgrounds to Zoom

To add virtual backgrounds to Zoom, see instructions below or watch here.

  • – Click on image of your choice
  • – Right-click and ‘Save Image As’ to desktop
  • – Open Zoom meeting
  • – Click on the arrow next to ‘Stop Video’
  • – Select ‘Choose Virtual Background’
  • – Select +
  • – Choose the image from desktop
  • – Tick ‘Mirror my video’

Adding virtual backgrounds to Microsoft Teams

For instructions on using virtual background with Microsoft Teams, see here.


Source: Microsoft

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