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Video playlist: STEM careers in health

STEM careers in health

Is health one of your biggest passions? Link it up with a STEM career!

STEM careers in health are diverse. You could work in biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, nuclear medicine, exercise science, materials engineering, nutrition, digital health, virtual reality and more.

To get you thinking about where you could take your interest, we’ve rounded up five videos all about STEM careers in health. Perfect to binge watch during the school holidays or while you’re daydreaming about what the future holds.

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1. 10 STEM Careers in Health

Wondering where a health science, medical or related STEM degree could take you? Kick off your career research with this video!

And for a bigger deep dive into the world of STEM + health, check out our fun guides:

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2. Noushin Nasiri

Keen on engineering + health? Materials engineer, Noushin Nasiri, talks about her study history and postdoctoral research on breath analysis that can detect diseases in the human body.

3. 3 ANSTO scientists chat all things STEM careers

We chat to ANSTO’s Nigel Lengkeek (senior radiochemist), Leena Hogan (radioisotopes and irradiations manager) and Erin Smyth (graduate engineer) about how they got their cool STEM gigs at ANSTO and what they love about working in nuclear medicine.

4. Emerging STEM careers

The National Skills Commission has identified 25 emerging occupations in the Australian labour market – 19 of these are in STEM, and one of these areas is health! Watch the video to find out what health careers you could pursue.

5. Careers with STEM: Science Webinar Part 3

In part three of our science careers webinar, meet science professionals who work on improving cancer treatment and medical imaging, medical device design and new types of materials.

To find out more about STEM careers in health, head on over to our STEM + health hub.


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