STEM employers team up to solve big Australian challenges

STEM employers Commonwealth Bank and Telstra host the annual ‘Girls in Tech’ event.

The Commonwealth Bank and Telstra join forces to address an issue affecting millions of Australians

Two of the biggest employers of STEM graduates in the country, the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) and Telstra collectively serve millions of Australians every day. Sometimes they team up to solve big problems, meaning as a graduate working for either company you could be part of some pretty exciting nation-changing projects!

Scam busters

If you’re a software engineer at CBA or Telstra, one of the new projects you could be a part of is Scam Indicator, a new tech solution that uses data and AI to detect and prevent financial scams before they even occur.

Scams are a big deal in Australia – in the last year alone they’ve cost Australians over $3 billion.

More than 60% of scams are started via text message or phone, so stopping the scammers before they even get to your phone can make a big difference. Doing so will require a team of graduates and experts who are skilled in data science, engineering and IT.

“As a software engineer at Telstra, this is the kind of job you might be doing where you’re actually helping the community,” says Lynn Currie, executive, Financial Services Industry at Telstra.

Getting girls into tech

Every year, CBA and Telstra partner up to run Girls in Tech, a Sydney event featuring demos, talks, workshops and heaps of inspo for young women considering a career in STEM.

At Girls in Tech, students get to hear from superstars like engineering professor Fatemeh Salehi, whose work is helping to advance new energy technologies for clean renewable fuels such as green hydrogen.

Graduates like Telstra network software specialist Brooke Jones get to be involved on the day, encouraging and inspiring the next generation of talented engineers.

“It is really rewarding to be able to show the cool work that women in technology can do and excite others into taking the same path,” Brooke says.


This article was brought to you in partnership with Telstra and Commonwealth Bank first appeared in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2023.

Charis Palmer

Author: Charis Palmer

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