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The program getting STEM grads into classrooms

STEM teacher

With STEM teachers in huge demand, tech company Rokt has launched an attractive graduate program with some seriously huge perks

Equal parts into STEM and teaching? If you’ve just finished an undergraduate degree, adding on a teaching qualification can seriously super-charge your career.

With only 22% of high school students choosing STEM degrees or courses – and employers needing more tech grads than ever – the need for talented and passionate educators in our high schools is at an all-time high.

“Passionate and talented educators play a vital role in making Australia a leader in any field but teacher shortages – especially for STEM – are real,” says Teach For Australia CEO Melodie Potts Rosevear.

“Everyone can play a part in helping get more passionate and talented teachers into classrooms where they can share their knowledge as they educate and inspire the next generation.”

Breaking the cycle

Thanks to global eCommerce tech giants Rokt and their partnership with not-for-profit Teach for Australia, kickstarting a STEM education pathway as a graduate has never been more attractive – and accessible.

In an attempt to support the best and brightest graduates, this year both organisations are hosting on-campus attraction and recruitment events and a pilot project that will encourage students to apply for both TFA and Rokt graduate programs – particualtly in regional areas.

“We all win when everyone has an equal opportunity to unleash their full potential,” says Bruce Buchanan, CEO of Rokt .

“To make this a reality we need to ensure equity in education. This partnership is about supporting our best and brightest to become teachers in our most disadvantaged schools and to light the fire within thousands of children.”

A great teacher changes everything

The combined recruitment project will launch as a pilot this year, with Teach For Australia Graduate placements to take place in NSW schools from 2024, before potential expansion nationwide.

Both organisations will be attending the Australian National University Careers Fair in February and the University of Sydney Autumn Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair in March to encourage candidates to find out more about the initiative and to answer any questions about the programme.

To learn more about the partnership head here.

Meet a STEM teacher

Jessica Galpin, STEM teacher

Talking all day, every day about the benefits of STEM? Sounds like a dream job to us! STEM teacher Jessica Galpin is using her role at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School to encourage her all-female students to choose STEM – and stick with it. And with women currently only making up around 28% of the STEM workforce, it’s a pretty big – and important – job to tackle. 

“Women make up half the population,” she stresses. “Their absence in STEM means half the potential innovation, quality and perspective in these fields disappear – a big loss of knowledge.”

Check out Jessica’s awesome study and career path.


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