STEM is in the air: Chelsie and Matt’s maths-themed date was romance goals

STEM Bachelor
Matt handed Chelsie a pen mid-date and asked her to solve a maths equation. Image: Ten

Australia’s most famous astrophysicist bachelor Matt Agnew has made no secret of the fact that he’s got a mad crush on chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod. She’s sweet, beautiful and obviously into him, but it’s the 28-year-old’s brains that have been her major point of attraction to the PhD graduate throughout the series.

Ever since she rocked up to the mansion with a temporary tattoo of oxytocin’s molecular structure, Matt has crushed hard on their shared passion for all things science. And last night he did possibly the coolest and geekiest thing we’ve ever seen on any dating show, ever – he wrote a personalised maths equation and asked Chelsie to solve it over dinner.

“I cannot believe you’re making me do this now!” she said to Matt, as he handed her a pen and paper.

Since graduating in 2014 Chelsie’s landed engineering roles within the water industry. Credit: Ten

The complex problem was made up of numbers collected from the dates they’d gone on – the temperature of the oven during their cutesy baking session, the km/h they drove to get there, and the height the helicopter reached when they were hitching a ride the week before.

Matt put them together to form an epic equation – which we’re kicking producers that we never got to see – and the answer became the code to open a locked safe box.

Being a proud STEMinist, Chelsie smashed the sum first go, and after opening the box found another smooth move by the science-lover – a necklace engraved with the chemical formula for oxytocin.

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“This is definitely the most romantic thing that any guy has ever done for me, and I couldn’t even think of anything more romantic or thoughtful than that,” she gushed to cameras. “It definitely makes me fall even deeper in love with Matt. Oh my god. This is crazy!”

Props to Matt for absolutely killing it with his STEM + romance. Fingers and PhDs crossed that he picks Chelsie tonight.

The Bachelor finale airs tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.

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