Easy listening: STEM podcasts

STEM podcasts

Walking home? Vacuuming your room? Long drive? You can incorporate a little learning into your day with these STEM podcasts that don’t bore your ears. Read below to find our top 5 easy podcasts that entertain and educate, but don’t feel like you’re plugging earphones into a textbook.

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain is a popular podcast from America’s NPR, the master storytellers behind podcast chart-toppers This American Life and Serial. Host Shankar Vedantam cleverly weaves storytelling and science in a way that is much more entertainment than textbook.

Episodes to get you started: You 2.0: Getting Unstuck & The Ostrich Effect

STEM podcasts

Freakonomics Radio

A podcast launched off the back of a best-selling book, Freaknomics Radio takes a measured look at… well, just about everything. Recent episodes include the Earth 2.0 series that ponders the future of colonising a second earth after our current one fails us. Do we start anew? Or do we continue Earth 2.0 with the same infrastructure and economy of Earth 1.0?

Episodes to get you started: What Would Our Economy Look Like? (Earth 2.0 series)

STEM podcasts

Reply All

A show about the internet. Hosts PJ and Alex are the type of people that enjoy each other’s company so much, they bounce off eachother’s every word. It feels like you’re a silent inclusion in two mates chatting. They run segments like “Super Tech Support” which takes a deep dive into subjects like ghostly prank callers – that have surprisingly creepy results.

Episodes to get you started: #102 Long Distance, #97 What Kind Of Idiot Gets Phished?

STEM podcasts


Invisibilia is another hit from NPR; it’s a female led podcast that intersects behavioural science and stories of intrigue. Hosts Alix and Hanna guide us through episodes from discovering a new emotion courtesy of an isolated tribe of the Phillipines, to questioning perceptions of the reality of a black bear. Super easy to listen to, and even easier to accidentally binge your way through its entire back catalogue. You’ve been warned.

Episodes to get you started: How to Become Batman

STEM podcasts


Ben Newsome hosts the fun FizzicsEd, the podcast that profiles all things STEM and students. Ben brings together topics like startup founders the Little Scientists bringing STEM education to preschools, with cool events like Space Camp USA. Easy listening for students at its finest.

Episodes to get you started: How one giant leap is changing lives.

easy stem podcasts

Bonus: Dr Karl on Triple J

Everyone’s favourite Dr Karl segment from Triple J radio has been translated directly to podcast for your convenience and accessibility. Dr Karl answers any and every viewer question from, “can you charge your phone’s battery by sending an SMS?”, to “why do we get dizzy when drunk?” Bonus points if you can stump Dr Karl.

Episodes to get you started: Wombat poos, Beyonce flies, & slow slugs.

STEM podcasts

What are your favourite podcasts?

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