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Get paid to study STEM

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get rewarded for your STEM study! There are so many available STEM scholarships for students, that there’s bound to be something for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of just some of the great opportunities available, so be sure to investigate your local universities to find the best scholarships program for you.

For regional students

Rural and Regional Enterprise scholarship

The Government’s Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarship is a grant that allows students from regional Australia to study STEM, from a Certificate IV to a PhD. Just about every study scenario is covered so you can learn flexibly; study full time for 4 years or the part-time equivalent, take online or in-person courses, or earn an extra $500 to support an internship! Eligible STEM study also includes agriculture and health.

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For female students

Goldsmith Family Women in STEM scholarship

To help combat the low participation rates of Women in STEM, Swinburne University is offering their Goldsmith Family Women in STEM Scholarship. The scholarship awards $7,500 per year for each year of study, and is open to Australian residents with an ATAR over 90. The scholarship aims to reduce financial burdens on students, so you can do your absolute best in your coursework. If you’re a girl interested in STEM, you’ve got nothing to lose! Apply now.

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For TAFE students

Jobs of Tomorrow scholarship

If you’re planning on studying STEM through a TAFE course, you may be eligible for the Jobs of Tomorrow scholarship. This scholarship kicks in once you’re in the industry training stage of study, and offers $1000 to over 6,000 successful applicants. There are a certain number of qualifications that are eligible for the grant, so take a look at the eligibility requirements closely.

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For high school students

Regional Development Australia

This grant from Regional Development Australia applies to high school students (years 9-12) undertaking a STEM project with potential future Defence use. Think drones, computer programming or biomedical projects. Students gain financial aid to complete their projects; the scholarship is a great stepping stone if you’re looking to foster a future defence career.

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For Indigenous students

Grant King Indigenous scholarship

UNSW has received a generous grant of $5 million from the Origin Foundation to fund the Grant King Indigenous Scholarship program. Two students are offered residence in one of UNSW’s residential colleges, as well as a generous stipend for living expenses. What’s more, the two lucky recipients of the scholarship will receive mentoring from prominent businessman Grant King to foster their future career outcomes.

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No uni, no worries: Upskill in Engineering with alternative study paths
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