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By combining STEM skills with other fields of interest, you can customise your career.

By Innes Willox

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that jobs requiring STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and maths) has grown at about 1.5 times the rate of other roles in recent years. Yet only 18% of the Australian workforce has STEM qualifications, with design, engineering, science, transport and ICT professionals the fastest growing occupations. This has created a strong need for skilled workers in areas you might not expect.

The Australian Industry Group is a dedicated national advocate for the advancement of STEM skills and knowledge, which are fundamentally important for the growth of the Australian economy. Our Survey of Workforce Development Needs indicates that almost 44% of employers continue to experience difficulties recruiting STEM qualified technicians and trade workers, and around 20% have difficulties finding appropriately trained professionals and managers.

Despite this need, Australia’s international performance in STEM lags behind many other comparable countries, which are improving their provision, participation and performance more rapidly.

In the tertiary education sector, participation in STEM-related disciplines is in decline in absolute terms, in contrast with comparable nations. We need many more STEM graduates and postgraduates, and if you’re considering a postgraduate degree, these fields offer many rewarding job options beyond academia. STEM expertise can transform our society and economy, while enabling you to work across a broad range of exciting new career areas.

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STEM skills

“STEM expertise can transform our society and economy.”

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