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Come along to our STEM + X panel at QUT Open Day this July!

Careers with STEM presents a special Open Day panel discussion at QUT on STEM + X

Time: Sunday 30th July, 11am and 2pm @ QUT’s Garden Point campus

We’re Australia’s leading career website, and STEM + X is our secret formula – where ‘X’ is your passion, an interest, another subject, a big opportunity or life-changing goal.

Want to discover your ‘X’ and how you can combine STEM studies with your passion in the careers of today and tomorrow? Come along to the STEM + X panel on July 30!

Hear from industry representatives and QUT alumni who have combined their STEM study at QUT with another field and entered some amazing careers and study paths.

Think tech + design = better devices and software, science + business = new space rockets, engineering + biology = solving problems like wastewater and pollution and maths + social good = an end to modern slavery. 

STEM + X can lead you to some surprising careers today, and into the future. Find out how you can combine your X with STEM at QUT and be the change you want to see in the world tomorrow.

About QUT

QUT is known as “the university for the real world” because of the approach of embedding real world learning into their courses, as well as linking students to real-world projects through work-integrated learning. So if you’re looking for a great start to your career, then expect to get an amazing, hands-on STEM learning at QUT! 

Meet the moderator

Professor Troy Farrell

Troy Farrel

Professor Troy Farrell’s frontline technical skills blend applied mathematics with physical chemistry, and are applied to the mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of chemical systems of great industrial significance. Applications of his research include batteries, dye-sensitised solar cells, drying of colloidal droplets, and oxidation of biomass stockpiles. His work is mainly undertaken in collaboration with industrial partners, for whom his technical ability would not be applicable without supporting attributes including his work ethic, interpersonal skills, and willingness to undertake confidential research.

Professor Farrell is very active in the wider applied and industrial mathematics community, especially within Australia and New Zealand. He is passionate about communicating the relevance, applicability and effectiveness of mathematics to a broad range of stakeholders in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics community including students, other academics and industry and business leaders. He is also passionate about facilitating connections between early career researchers and industry.

Meet the speakers

Vanessa Lussini, research scientist at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)

Dr Vanessa Lussini has developed a love for improving everyday plastics. During her PhD at QUT, she developed a paint that fluoresces (glows) when it begins to degrade. This was used on Defence aircrafts to tell the engineers when to repaint, reducing oxidation (deterioration) on the metal structure. After witnessing first-hand the 2010 Brisbane Floods and the destruction of local property caused by this type of plastic, Vanessa began working with Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers. She developed an agriculture plastic that could be triggered to degrade when buried at the end of the crop season, which limits waste in farming.

Her current role is as a research scientist at RBA in Melbourne, where her primary focus is ensuring the safety and security of Australian banknotes through the research, development and implementation of polymer security features.

Joel Hockey, software engineer at Google

Joel studied maths and IT at QUT, graduating in 1999. He works for Google in the ChromeOS team and loves adding features for ChromeOS and Chrome that can be used by billions of people, and the challenge of competing with two of the largest companies the world has ever seen.

Fun fact: Joel has the world record for the shortest sudoku solving code in Java and C.

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Rachel Hempenstall, QA tester at Gameloft

Rachel graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Interactive Game Environments, majoring in animation and minoring in graphic design. In her last year, she was scouted by Gameloft as a QA tester to help create the multi-award-winning Apple Arcade games, The Oregon Trail and My Little Pony, Mane Merge.

Rachel has been at Gameloft for just over a year now and has loved every second of it. She hopes to soon move up into the art department as that’s where her passion lies.

Kate Hofmeister, Conservation Officer, Sunshine Coast Council

Kate coordinates TurtleCare Sunshine Coast, a large citizen science program that delivers important conservation and research on a breeding population of critically endangered Loggerhead turtles in partnership with the State Government. Along with this, she delivers a strong urban wildlife program delivering outcomes at the interface of community and natural spaces. 

She is an experienced public speaker and enjoys communicating wildlife research and connecting people with the natural world. Her previous roles include working as the Senior Scientist for the Queensland Turtle Conservation Project, Queensland Marine Stranding Coordinator during the 2011 extreme weather mass stranding event and a short period of environmental consulting. 

Kate Helmstedt, Associate Professor of Mathematics, QUT

Kate Helmstet

Kate’s research uses maths to guide smart decision making for ecosystem management, so future management can be more cost-efficient, transparent, and defensible. Ecological systems are incredibly complex, and changing how those systems interact and evolve can have unexpected implications. Kate builds mathematical models of ecological, land-use, and economic systems to understand what drives success, failure, and efficiency of management. She leads the QUT Applied Mathematical Ecology Group and co-leads the Natural and Environmental Systems domain in the Centre for Data Science. She has been an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Fellow, a Queensland Tall Poppy, and a Women in Technology Rising Star in Science.

The STEM + X panel is taking place on Sunday 30th July, 11am and 2pm @ QUT’s Garden Point campus in Brisbane. Head to the QUT Open Day page for more details.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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