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Free webinar: How STEM + X leads to a dream career 

Join this free webinar to explore how you can combine a science degree with your ‘X’, which is your passion, another area or a big goal

In this webinar you’ll meet an astrophysicist who specialises in galaxy evolution and supermassive black holes, a space entrepreneur who is experimenting with growing plants on the moon, and an earth and atmospheric scientist who’s monitoring and saving our coral. 

When: 12pm AEDT, Wednesday, 22 February 2023

Can’t make that time? No worries! Register and you’ll be sent a link to a recording of the webinar that you can watch at any time.

What will the webinar cover?

… everything you can do by combining science with your passion!

Science is typically seen as all lab coats and science teams working in isolation. But the truth is, science is a really broad area, and people who do science degrees can work in government, in business, with our oceans – even in space! Often without a lab in sight.

Explore how you can combine a science degree with your passion, another field or a world changing goal (we call this your “X’) by using Careers with STEM’s winning formula – STEM + X (where STEM = science, technology, engineering and maths, and X is up to you!).

Brought to you with the support of QUT, this webinar unlocks the next level potential of a science degree through combining science skills with your ‘X’ – to help students discover the careers of tomorrow and create change in our world today.

You’ll hear from real-life scientists and all about their fascinating study and career paths, with opportunities to ask questions.

How do I register?

It’s easy! Register here with your details, then mark the time and date in your calendar!

Meet the moderator

Moderator Kimberly Valenny is empowering the next gen of women in tech to chase goals and smash stereotypes. Image: QUT

Kimberly Valenny, QUT Graduate and Graduate Front End Developer at Deloitte Digital, will be hosting our STEM + X webinar series

​Kimberly Valenny is passionate about turning ideas into realities. She is motivated by emerging technologies and how she can contribute to the future of user experience design and software development as a Graduate Front End Developer at Deloitte Digital.

​Kimberly has recently completed a double degree in Information Technology and Creative Industries at QUT, with majors in Computer Science and Interactive & Visual Design. She was also the 2021 President of Women in Technology, a student society that aims to unite, inspire and empower strong like-minded females studying all things tech at QUT.

​Still eager to get involved in initiatives and networks, Kimberly is a member of the ACS QLD Emerging Professionals Committee and of the QUT IT Industry Advisory Group. She also tutors as a Sessional Academic at QUT for a first year ‘Introduction to Web Design’ unit and is an ambassador for the QUT Faculty of Science marketing team.

Meet the panelists

Dr Michael Cowley, astrophysicist and lecturer at QUT and an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland

As supervisor of QUT’s Astrophysics Research Group, Michael contributes to extragalactic astronomy and cosmology projects and specialises in galaxy evolution and supermassive black holes.

He is an active science communicator having contributed to documentaries, local and national media interviews, as a TEDx speaker, and several popular publications, such as The Conversation, Cosmos Magazine, and the Australasian Science Magazine.

As an educator, Michael is an experienced lecturer and has delivered numerous educational seminars, professional development courses for teachers, and public talks on various STEM topics. His teaching efforts have been recognised through the Higher Education Academy, where he was awarded Associate Fellow (Indigenous) in 2022, and by QUT as the Faculty of Science’s Educator of the Year in 2021.

Lauren Fell, space entrepreneur

Lauren is the director of Lunaria One, an Australian space start-up with a goal of growing plants on the Moon whilst developing sustainable solutions here on Earth. 

She is also an Associate Lecturer and PhD student at QUT researching experimental protocols to test quantum-based models of cognition in human trust judgements. 

Lauren has also been involved in projects investigating the use of virtual reality for people in neurodiverse populations, and has been awarded multiple awards for her work in NASA design challenges. 

She holds a BA Psych (Hons) from Macquarie University, and has worked in the past in UX consultancy and mental health support.

Brett Lewis, earth and atmospheric scientist

Brett is a PhD student at QUT, studying coral biology, behaviour and adaption using high resolution 2D and 3D microscopy, videography and model development.

He has filmed for the BBC and his imagery and videos have features in over a dozen documentaries, won national awards and international acclaim as one of the top winners of the 2022 Nikon Small World Competition. Brett has produced his own interactive augmented reality art exhibit ‘To be Coral’ to support Julia and Ken Yonetani’s exhibit ‘To be Human’ which ran during 2022. His work has featured in Scientific American, National Geographic, and was selected as the Heart of the Nation image in The Australian

Overall, his work contributes to 30 museums and ocean education centres across Australia, the United States, the Caribbean, Indonesia, and Europe.

For the last three years, Brett has sat on the council for the Australian Coral Reef Society – the world oldest society dedicated to coral reef science – where he has influenced policy, helped produce a coffee table book and exhibit at the Queensland museum documenting 100 years of coral reef sciences and a line of merchandise whose proceeds support HDR student research of Australia’s coral reefs.

Brett consistently engages with schools and agencies across rural and urban Australia to engage students and the next generation of scientists. 

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