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Celebrating World Water Day with STEM + resource careers

World Water Day

This World Water Day (March 22) we’re celebrating access to clean water – and the careers behind them

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world – and water plays a critical role in protecting local environments, supporting food production and maintaining industry. And then there’s the devastation that extreme flooding events are continuing to cause across the country.

Held each year on March 22, World Water Day (WWD) focuses on the importance of fresh water, raising awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to it – plus, the experts needed to make sure our supplies are safe, sustainable and secure. 

Fresh is best

So, who are the clever people designing, building and managing all of this critical infrastructure, and keeping that fresh water flowing from your tap, or flushing the toilet? No surprise that they’re STEM experts – and mostly engineers too!  

Water engineers are behind critical projects like dams and desalination plants, sewerage and stormwater systems, and they are the experts working to prevent or respond to water-related natural disasters like drought and flood.

And with challenges such as climate change, population growth and the ageing of our existing water infrastructure all on the cards, the need for expertise is stronger than ever.

Stats splash

$22.68 billion The annual revenue of the water sector in Australia

27,700 The number of people employed in Australia’s water sector

12% Increase in civil engineers employed in the water sector by 2025

2746 GL water extracted for agricultural use alone in Australia in 2019-20 (that’s more than 5 Sydney Harbours in case you were wondering!)

Soaking up skills

Looking into resource and ebergy pathways? These skills have all been predicted as priority and in demand for all jobs in Australia’s water industry: 

  • STEM 
  • Digital & technology
  • Health & safety
  • Operational skills
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Leadership

Aussie water Twitter

Fill your feed with these water-related accounts and be part of the conversation!

@stukhan: Stuart Khan is a Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UNSW, and prolific tweeter of all things water engineering related. #MentorGoals

@AustralianWater: Follow Australia’s leading water membership association for industry news and insights

@mcookhistory: Margaret Cook isn’t an engineer, but she is a “historian interested in disasters, floods, droughts, rivers, water politics and land development” – aka all relevant if you’re interested in a career designing and building water infrastructure.

Want more info on STEM + water careers?

There are so many next-gen STEM careers dedicated to water management. If you are keen on exploring careers in energy and resources, check out the inspiring pathways of:

  • Erica Deegan: Erica is in charge of all things water at City of Launceston
  • Danika Smith: Danika turned her love of STEM and passion for the environment into a fulfilling career focussed on water infrastructure
  • Bradley Moggridge: Bradley was recently appointed Associate Professor in Indigenous Water Science at the University of Canberra


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