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Interested in IT but not sure how it fits with your passions? There are so many cool ways you can combine tech with that thing you love. Image: Shutterstock

Keen to set yourself up for career success now and in the future? Train up in cutting-edge tech fields like AI, data science and cybersecurity

If you’re interested in computer science, then you’re in luck! New roles in IT are emerging every day – and the demand for fresh STEM grads is epic. 

The tech sector already employs 1 in 16 working Aussies, making it the 7th biggest employer in the country – there are more software engineers and developers in Australia right now than solicitors, plumbers and hairdressers (read: a lot).  

However, according to the Tech Council, in order to meet Australia’s increasing industry demand we need even more of them – an extra 286,000 – and fast. 

We may not have a crystal ball, but luckily future-focused universities are setting their grads up for next-gen opportunities and breaking the long-held stereotype that studying IT a) requires you to be a math genius and b) only sets you up for roles in tech support.

Melbourne’s Monash University, for example, offers a huge range of seriously cool and exciting electives for its IT undergrads, including cybersecurity, games development, artificial intelligence (AI), interactive media and data science, skills that the Googles of tomorrow all need.

IT 2.0

The skillscape of the tech sector is changing as fast as technology itself! 

Monash’s IT faculty is a reflection of that. To get dream jobs in an ever-changing industry, it’s diversifying tech smarts to include invaluable skills in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, software engineering and data science. And whether your pathway leads to a job in AI, user experience (UX), design or software engineering, the creativity, problem-solving and people skills you gain from a Monash course will give you an even greater edge. 

The list of careers you could kick-start as a Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Information Technology graduate is just as long as the amount of industry-specific electives you’ll have to choose from.

And with 62% of Australia’s tech employees boasting a bachelor’s degree – heading to uni seems to be Australia’s most popular and sure-fire pathway into tech.  

Choose your own tech-venture

You don’t have to be Einstein to pursue a tech pathway. In fact, whatever your passion or interest – whether gaming, fashion, retail or sustainability – you can team it with tech subjects to create your dream career. 

Love tech but still not sure where to settle? Monash’s Bachelor of IT allows you to curate your experience with a massive selection of majors and minors on top of foundation units so you get the chance to develop both high-level knowledge of the field and specialist expertise. 

And through its comprehensive range of double degrees, you can pair two passions to open up even more opportunities. Think: a Bachelor of IT with Commerce, Business or Fine Art – if you want the flexibility to work in multiple fields or roles since tech complements everything.

We can’t imagine a future without tech. So it’s not hard to believe that IT skills will be integral to the workforce of tomorrow!

Kickstart your tech career with Monash here

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Cassie Steel

Author: Cassie Steel

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