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Careers in computer science are diverse, exciting and in demand. Aim high, work hard and good luck – the future belongs to you!

By Professor Ian Chubb AC, Australia’s Chief Scientist

Australia was once home to one of the world’s top computers. It was 1949, and our computer was just the fifth of its kind ever built. It weighed as much as a rhino stacked on an elephant, it filled the space of a double garage and it cost more to power than a suburban street. For a little country, it was a big deal. Studying computer science today is vastly different.

Today, you could fit all the data that computer was able to store in your pocket, on a smartphone – with 99.9996% of your storage capacity left over. You can do in seconds, things that once took an organisation like NASA months or even years to complete.

You’re part of a world wide web that links together some 10 billion individual devices with more than 2 billion users. The web is growing. And so are the opportunities for your future in computer science.

Studying computer science doesn’t just offer you the technical knowledge that’s needed in every industry and soon in every business. It prepares you to be a leader of change.

The future needs fast movers and big ideas. Above all, it needs people who can grasp a complex problem and build the solution required – with talent, creativity and flair.

If any employer is looking for those sorts of people – and they should be – I’d suggest they start studying computer science in Australia. I hope they might find you there.

Studying computer science prepares you to be an leader of change.

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