Studying science at ANU

Where will your degree take you?

By Cherese Sonkkila

Studying science at ANU opens up a world of opportunity.

Science degrees aren’t just for scientists. A degree in science is what took Joey Clarke from ANU to the wildlife sanctuaries of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, working as a science communicator.

It’s also the degree that took Elliot McBride from ANU to Pakistan to work for UNICEF. He manages projects that use SMS technology to collect data from remote areas to improve the effectiveness of UNICEF aid projects.

A degree in science gives you the opportunity to define your future.

“Universities are no longer places you go to learn one thing and then get a career and do it for the rest of your life,” says Professor Brian Schmidt, Vice-Chancellor of ANU and winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics.

“At ANU you can take your science degree and combine it with economics, arts, or whatever you want to give you this incredibly broad foundation.

“It’s a great experience. You’re going to meet some of the most amazing people here: some of the smartest people you’re ever going to meet in your life, and some of the most widely dispersed people, from all over the world.

“You won’t get a better opportunity in Australia,” he adds. “And very few opportunities like this exist in the world.”

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Cherese Sonkkila

Author: Cherese Sonkkila

Cherese is Assistant Editor of Careers with STEM. She is passionate about producing engaging STEM content and has a strong background in science writing and editing. She holds a science degree with Honours from the University of Melbourne.