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10 surprising engineering careers

Surprising engineering careers

If you think engineering means rocking a hard hat all the time, think again!

The engineering skills you gain from qualifications and degrees can set you up to work in all kinds of places: outdoors, at live events, in the classroom and even in space. Here are 10 surprising engineering careers that we think everyone should know about.

1. Jewellery maker

Designs, makes and repairs necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, usually using metals and gems.

Get there: Certificate II in Engineering, TAFE NSW

2. Virtual reality engineer

Brings virtual reality environments to life through coding so users can interact with them.

Get there: Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons), University of South Australia

3. Astronaut

Has a range of space duties, including piloting spacecraft and conducting experiments and maintenance.

Get there: A bachelor’s degree in engineering, then apply to an overseas space program for training (though you must be a citizen of that country to be eligible)

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4. STEM educator

Teaches students science, technology, engineering and maths subjects, usually specialising in one area.

Get there: Master of Teaching (Secondary) STEM, Western Sydney University

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5. Live sound engineer

Installs and operates sound equipment at live concerts, theatre productions and other events.

Get there: Diploma of Music (Sound Production), TAFE SA

6. Patent examiner

Assesses written reports and descriptions about new inventions to see if they comply with legal requirements.

Get there: A bachelor’s degree in engineering

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7. Sports engineer

Designs and develops new sports equipment and tech that will be useful for athletes and sports teams.

Get there: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical, Hons), The University of Adelaide

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8. Marine engineer

Plans, coordinates and controls the operation and maintenance of a ship’s equipment and plants.

Get there: Advanced Diploma of Marine Engineering, TAFE WA

9. Draftsperson

Works in a construction team and creates technical drawings for new building designs.

Get there: Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting, TAFE Queensland

10.  Mechanical fitter

Builds, installs and repairs heavy machinery, such as tractors, trucks and excavators.

Get there: Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade, TAFE NSW

This article first appeared in Careers with STEM: Engineering 2023. For more on STEM careers, sign up to our weekly e-newsletter.

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